Unexpected Detail

This is it! This is my inaugural outfit breakdown. While I will be sharing many of these outfits on my other accounts, I wanted the opportunity to break them down and help you see an outfit through my eyes. I do have a little disclaimer: I don’t have strict rules for fashion to share here. Style is an expression and what I share is my creativity along with tips and tricks.

Let’s get to it! I chose this cozy layered look as my very first breakdown because the temps are colder and it brings detail that is subtle and a little unexpected, something I love to do in my looks. If you’ve followed along on my Instagram, you know my favorite part of fall and winter fashion is layering. It lets those of us who are obsessed with menswear truly show our style with each piece. For me personally, each layer needs to enhance the overall outfit by adding depth that plays well with the other parts. The small touches grab my attention, but they can’t take away from the overall look. So, lets discuss what I did here:


The Floral Print - Correct me if I’m wrong, but layering a collared shirt under a sweater is not a new concept. It’s something we’ve all been doing at the office or for date night for a long time. Traditionally, we choose white or other solid colored shirts. I almost did that same exact thing in the midst of picking this outfit out of my closet. Then, I saw this floral shirt from Scotch & Soda peaking out of the blue section of shirts (I try to color coordinate my closet, but I’m no expert). Honestly, floral prints always catch my eye, just check my IG feed from this last summer, but I stopped and thought to myself: “Why can’t I add a little floral flare to my winter wardrobe?” The shirt has a nice blue base, which was what I was going for anyway, and the the added detail helps draw the eye to the layer I just created. This piece added depth and played well with others, checking those boxes I mentioned above. I just love how it peaks out of the sweater.

The Green Chinos - There is no doubt that a fitted pair of jeans, light or dark, would go well with this outfit. Denim can basically do no wrong. Lately, though, I’ve been using different colored chinos to substitute. Dark green especially works for me. These chinos have the rich dark color that tags in for a darker denim nicely, but are also so comfortable. They are a skinny fit, as are most of my pants, and are easy to cuff to show off the boots or any shoes I’ve paired with them. These ones are from Scotch & Soda as well. I am a huge fan of their chinos in particular because of their fit and variety of colors. If you’re not as comfortable with color but are looking to dip a toe, I think chinos are the easiest way to start because you don’t have to go too far out of your comfort zone to start. That’s exactly how I got started and look at me now! I went for a darker color on the chinos to help the top half of the outfit stand out. The contrast created packs a punch and I often try to create this when putting together a look. I also thought that the bottom half of the shirt would stand out well against the solid color of the chinos.


The Sweater - All I really have to say here: lambswool and shoulder patches. There isn’t much of a mystery as to why I chose this sweater. It’s cozy and pretty much gives me everything I want for sweater weather. I might like shoulder patches more than elbow patches (queue gasps). Again, the patches are a nice bit of unexpected details that tie into the rest of the sweater seamlessly. The main reason I chose this sweater? Texture! Without it, the outfit would lack some textural tangibility, something that makes you want to reach out and feel the material. That’s what texture is to me.

The Watch - I always wear a watch or bracelet of some kind. Without one, my wrist feels naked. I chose to keep the watch simple. I felt that the textures and patterns were doing a good job without adding too much to my wrist. Keeping the watch minimal doesn’t make it any less of an important detail. This one from DIBI speaks for itself and was a great surprise in a recent SprezzaBox delivery. The brown leather strap coordinates with the brown tones in the sweater. In the first shot, I added some brown bracelets to modernize the overall look and make it a little more youthful in my opinion. I also kept them in the same color schemes so that all of the details would play well together. The colors on my wrist connect to the watch, the sweater, the shoulder patches, and the boots which helps tie everything together.


The Boots - Oh these boots, where do I start? Without any surprise, they are from Taft. These are the Viking Boots. Just like any piece in this outfit, you could easily switch in a different pair of shoes. You might prefer a dressier, slimmer looking boot or even a dress shoe. I chose the Viking Boots to add a dose of ruggedness to the overall look. If you’ve read about my style, you know that I like touches of modern, traditional, and rugged. These boots definitely bring ruggedness. The best part is that they don’t detract from the composition of the outfit. Taft nailed the design of these because while they look functional, they are even more stylish. It doesn’t look like I just came off a hike, although I probably could have. They give the whole outfit a great base by creating an anchor point for the eye without disappearing into the background. The detail that struck me the most, and one that I honestly didn’t catch until skimming through photos, was the texture of the laces. I personally think they speak to the texture of the sweater. So, not only do the colors cooperate, but so do the textures. While I’d like to take credit for it and say I’m just that good, this was a bit of luck.

Thank you for sticking with me on my first breakdown! Figuring out your own style can be overwhelming. My style evolved and will continue to do so through a lot of trial and error. This breakdown is just a sample of how my head works when I am putting together my outfit puzzle. Remember, my goal isn’t to give you rules to follow, but rather to show you how I build an outfit from its parts.

To be completely honest, I put pieces together because they feel right. They click for me when they come together, as in something in my brain goes “Yes, do that!” I wear outfits that help me feel confident and express my personality. That should be your main goal. Wear what you feel good in. If you enjoyed this breakdown, have suggestions for the next one, or just want to talk about your own thread-ability (see what I did there?) leave comments below! Otherwise, until next time and thank you for reading.

Sharing my threadability, and getting inspired by yours.
David Komisarchik