Going Monochrome


You may not believe me, but I totally lucked into this monochrome outfit. I bought the sweater and chinos separately, a year apart in fact, and ended up with a perfect match. I didn’t have this specific outfit in mind when I bought these chinos recently, even though I usually recommend planning. There I go, breaking my own rule!

Now, I’m pretty new to the idea of monochrome, especially with a color other than blue or black, but I decided to run with my lucky purchase. I was a little hesitant at first because of the unlikely color choice. I just had to trust my first instinct.


The Sweater - This isn’t the first time I’ve rocked this sweater (see my Statement Piece Breakdown), but it is the first time I’ve done it like this. The key to making it work is the all-over ribbed texture. Color is the obvious focus of a monochrome look, but to avoid being one dimensional I went for textural variation. This differentiates the pieces from each other. Without it, I ran the risk of basically looking like I’m wearing a onesie, and not in the “oh he’s trendy” kind of way.

The Chinos - Like I first mentioned, these were the lucky find. I did have my eye on them for a while and was just waiting for a sale. Patience is key! On its own, I think the color is versatile and is going to fit seamlessly with a lot of other pieces I already own, which is why I first thought to scoop them up. See? I did have some forethought. The perfectly color matched combo was a pleasant surprise to me after bringing the pants home. It probably helped that both the sweater and chinos are from, you guessed it, Scotch & Soda.


The Jacket - While my intent was to do monochrome, I felt like I needed this jacket. I wanted to cap the look with a different color to emphasize the coordinated pieces. Who am I kidding? I could always rock a mechanic’s jacket. My favorite part about these types of jackets is the ruggedness they always bring to a look. They’re modern and stylish while still maintaining a very cool utilitarian and tough vibe. That’s just like a dope mechanic would wear, duh! Overall, it punches up the details and I’m down for it.

Shoes - As you can tell, there isn’t just one pair of shoes that goes with this outfit. I first grabbed the Comme des Garçons Play Chucks, but swapped in the Nike Killshots from J Crew. This wasn’t exactly my original game plan. It’s just what happens when you forget part of your outfit on shoot day. No reason to cut the shoot short! I first went with the high tops because the half heart detail is eye catching (I literally always notice it when I see them in the wild) and I loved the way they grounded the look. Still, the Killshots were a great sub on shoot day. It just goes to show how universal they are. Investing in a shoe that works all over your wardrobe is a smart move, especially when you aren’t looking to overspend on a lot of shoes. Side note, you have to stalk J Crew to get the Killshots when they restock. If they’re still available in that link, you’re welcome.


I opted to use the same shade of a color for the entire outfit, but there isn’t just one way to pull off monochrome. I also love seeing varying shades of the same color in one look. Whichever way you plan on doing it, don’t be afraid to experiment with it! Find a color to use as home base and go from there. Do you think you would go for a monochrome look?

Thank you again for reading another breakdown. We’ve been through a few of them together and I want to hear from you. Don’t forget to let me know down below if these have been helpful or if I am missing any info you’d still like to see/read. I’m having a lot of fun putting my styling thought process into words for you! It’s been great having input on which outfits to breakdown over on my IG stories too. If you want to vote, make sure you tune in there throughout the week as well. I’ll see you back here for the next one.


Sharing my threadability and getting inspired by yours,
David Komisarchik