Tee Styling Tips


Spring is definitely upon us, which means we’re finally shedding those winter layers. If you’re like me, fewer layers means that it’s time to get more creative with less. More often than not, I just want to wear a T-shirt out, but don’t want anything boring. The tee should pack just as much style punch as those layers did back in winter.

So, how do we amp up tee style? Four key ways I’ve found make them stand out are color, unique detail, good fit, and light layering. Ok, the last one sounds like a bit of a cheat since I just talked about shedding layers, but stick with me!

To be clear, I’m not talking undershirts or basics. That’s a whole separate category. I’m focusing on the ones you want to wear out and pull their own weight for your style.


The Color - If the tee is going to be the star of the show, make it a fantastic color. That was my inspiration here. I was gifted this one from Mr. Wonderworld and it ended up driving my whole outfit. The deep shade of blue is irresistible. It’s the first thing you notice, even with a brightly colored pant.

Luckily, a colorful T-shirt isn’t too hard to find, especially this time of year. Every brand has gotten on board with bright colors for the season. If you’re coming out of your color hibernation from winter, it’s the right time to test out some new ones! Besides this tee, I’ve found good ones at J Crew, Scotch & Soda (duh), and Wohven.

The Detail - Another way to make a plain old tee stand out is to make sure it’s not actually a plain old tee. Simple, right? Look for one-of-a-kind details that make the shirt different. In this outfit, the contrasting white trim at the neckline and the pocket make the difference. The trimming adds depth and another place to which the eye can travel. It a nice neutral break for all the intense color going on in this particular outfit.


There are a lot of great details that you can look for: pockets, contrasting trim details, buttons (like on a henley), collar lines (crew, V-neck, you get it), and even patterns or graphics. Start with a regular tee and swap in the details you like.

The Fit - I started writing this section with the intent to tell you what makes a good fit. Then I realized that a good fit could mean a lot of different things. Maybe you want a tighter fit, or something long-line and loose. You could even be in search of a crop top. Do you! My tip is to make sure you’re comfortable with the fit and are ready to rock it!

For me and what I suggest for anyone trying to step into solid style, a good fit means the shoulder seams actually hit at the shoulders, the tee isn’t too long, and there’s an overall more athletic fit. Somewhere between being able to visibly tell you’re cold (if you know what I mean) and wearing a full tent. The rest is up to your preference.


The Light Layers - I know I said it’s time to leave the layers behind, but I’m picturing those lightweight spring layers. A perfect way to make that T-shirt pop is to throw on a light button down or jacket, especially when the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. Keep it unbuttoned to show off the color, details, and fit.

You can use the color of the top layer to accentuate the tee. I went with a color on the opposite end of the spectrum to make the blue and white shine. It doesn’t take away from the vibrancy of the tee.

I know adding a layer over your showstopper is a bit counter-intuitive, but let’s call it a functional option. Functional for the actual weather as well as a great option to help your tee style do a bit more work.


If you’re looking for new tees for spring and summer, start with the first three points we discussed. Those will help you find something that looks great on its own.

The most crucial piece of advice: you should actually like it! You don’t have to buy or wear things you have no interest in. Your style is an extension of you and your creative expression. Try new colors and fits! All you have to do is keep the ones you love. No need to suffer in the name of fashion.

I used to dread spring and summer because I felt like I had to dull down my style since I had less to work with. I was wrong. I worked on these tips so that I could stay confident throughout the season, even when just in a tee. Let me know how these tips work for you or if you have any that I missed.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting! I’ll catch you hear for the next breakdown.


Hone your style process,
David Komisarchik