Going for Edgy


Ok, I know what you’re thinking, and it wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t think I could pull together an edgier look, or even a floral print! Worrying about what other people would think used to hold me back from putting on something a little bolder or outside of the box. As my style has developed, I realized that all I have to do to style an edgier outfit is start with pieces I like and want to wear. Come to think of it, that’s really where you need to start to style any outfit. Having a killer leather jacket doesn’t hurt either. This look is one of the more edgier ones I have styled, so lets get into it:

The Bow Tie - The piece that inspired me to challenge my own creativity and go edgy with this look was the Wellington bow tie from Bowline Co. They stand behind bow ties being the right accessories for all kinds of style and occasions, not just those few yearly formal events. I wanted to take the Wellington somewhere unexpected. Building an outfit around an accessory provides a lot of opportunity for new combinations as opposed to finding accessories that fit a look you already have in mind. Though, I have definitely done it both ways. If you have an accessory like a bow tie (which can apparently be classified as a neckcessory according to Urban Dictionary) that you are itching to style, start there and add pieces that will compliment it.


When I am making an accessory a highlight of an outfit, I want it to pop. That means I need to create some contrast between it and the rest of the outfit. The best way to achieve this with this bow tie was setting it against a crisp white shirt. The nice blue color and pattern of the bow tie stand out against the blank canvas of the white shirt. My eye immediately draws to the bow tie because it isn’t competing with too much color or pattern on the top half of this outfit. Because the white shirt is simple, it opens up the pairing possibilities.

The Camo Chinos - You’re definitely going to see these pants (I’m sorry, I had to). A quick way to add a bold and edgy touch to your look is adding a print or pattern somewhere noticeable. I have a weakness for multicolored and printed pants, so that’s how I typically do it. Now, a camo print can be polarizing, and honestly I think that some brands do it better than others. Scotch & Soda took a unique twist on camo print with these chinos, and I couldn’t resist them. These are a bit more floral than what you typically picture when you think camo. They stand out but also add depth without detracting from the rest of the look. I didn’t choose a bright color or pattern this time since the pants weren’t the main attraction, just an added layer.


The Belt and Shoes - Honestly, I picked the Lucca Monks from Taft because I’d been dying to wear them ever since I picked them up on Black Friday last year. Their cognac color and the weaving are mesmerizing. I probably stared at them for at least an hour when I first opened the box. They dress up the look, especially paired with the camo chinos. This combo also creates contrast, but this time between classy and casual.


I decided to wear a belt. I say this because I do get quite a few questions on the “rule” of wearing a belt. Like I’ve said before, I am not here to force rules on you! But, in this case, I did want the shoes and belt to match. The matching color bookends the bottom half of the look and gives my eye places to travel. After the bow tie, I notice the rich brown colors and travel to both the belt and the shoes. I personally always want my shoes to be noticed!

The Leather Jacket - A sure fire way to add an edge to your outfit is throwing on a leather moto jacket. I mean, just look at that first photo. New levels of rock star bad-assery achieved, am I right? I’ve always associated leather moto jackets with being cool. Leather jackets can often come with a hefty price tag for all that bold style, so I waited until I could get a deal and then snagged this one from River Island a little while back. Some times you have to be patient to get that W! If you’re not ready to commit to the cost of a genuine leather jacket, there are plenty of faux leather moto jackets that would compliment any look just as well.


I couldn’t resist topping off this outfit with the leather jacket. Like the shoes, I’ve wanted to wear it as much as possible since getting it. Since I’m dressing for colder weather (ignore my exposed ankles, I’ll suffer, but I’ll be ok), playing with jackets and layers is a must for me. An added perk of the jacket is the way it frames the top half of the outfit, and specifically the bow tie. Moto jackets usually have great structure and create interesting visual lines. This time, those lines help highlight the bow tie.

I was a little worried about mixing black and brown, but I felt good about all the pieces and decided to go for it. It can be easy to start to doubt some of the selections you’ve made, but if you’ve got a good feeling, why not at least try it on? And let me tell you, when I tried this on, I definitely felt good! I felt cool, edgy, and most importantly confident.

The best part of the look for me is that nothing feels out of place, especially the bow tie. Originally, I definitely want the bow tie to stand out, but I am also happy with how at home it looks here at the same time. It’s still a highlight among a lot of bold pieces, but everything comes together into one cohesive look.


Ultimately, for me the key to creating an edgier look is developing a lot of contrast. Here, I chose to do it with color (bow tie and shirt), with the bold print (camo!), and structure (don’t think I forgot about that jacket). It just takes experimenting with different combinations until the look feels right and I’m excited to put it on.

Don’t get me wrong, I pulled and put back several pairs of pants and shoes before I settled on ones that I thought worked. I often take items out of the closet and lay them out with options before I settle on the right one. I’m looking for all the pieces to click and sometimes it doesn’t happen just like I pictured it in my head, but that’s the fun of putting the puzzle together! So my advice would be to keep trying even if the pieces you choose don’t workout for you the first time. If you feel confident about the pieces you’re rocking, don’t be afraid to wear them!

Would you wear this outfit? Let me know what you would have done differently or if you have any questions about how I put it together. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next outfit breakdown!

Sharing my threadability and getting inspired by yours,
David Komisarchik