Getting Layered


I’ve said this before, but the best part of fall and winter style definitely has to be layering. We have the opportunity to create interesting lines and really show off our creativity, more so than we have in the summer time. Layering also gives us a chance to experiment with color. It’s easy to live in darker colors during colder weather. While there’s nothing wrong with dark colors, bright colors don’t have to be reserved for warm weather. The colors inspired these layers for me. On top of all of it, I got the chance to pair my colors with the ones my friend, Romelle uses in her art. Can you say: “win-win?”

The Sweater - I chose this sweater as the base for the outfit because one, I haven’t worn it in a while and felt bad; and two, it’s a classic piece. I’ve been a fan of J Crew’s Rugged Cotton Sweaters for a while now. They’ve got a wide variety of colors and a fantastic structure. I’ve collected quite a few of them for myself. Pro tip: if you find a fantastic piece like a crew neck sweater or perfect fitting chinos, especially at an even better price, stock up! I’ve done it over and over…. and over!


The sweater is a nice, light shade of blue that plays well with others. My options with it are endless, which is what makes it a classic and a great base. I knew I was going to be throwing more layers over it, so I wanted to it be a strong anchor and inspire the rest of the outfit.

Shirt Layers - I love the immediate style created when shirts of different colors and materials are put together. It just looks cool! It’s like saying: “I could have chosen one shirt, but I’ve got enough swagger to wear both at the same time.” Okay, maybe not exactly that, but I do love the instant style boost. And, it was the first time I have ever tried it!

I went for the denim shirt first. It’s another shade of blue that contrasts to my sweater. I also love the textural variation that exists between the shirt and sweater. Truthfully, I don’t think you can ever really go wrong with a denim shirt. They work in casual, formal, and obviously layered looks. Although, I might already be assuming that you agree it works.


The green overshirt was a recent pickup from Mango. I like the military/safari vibes it brings to the look. The oversized pockets are a nice touch too. They give the shirt a bit more detail. I purposefully let the shirt stand out from the other blue shades. The green packs a punch and also highlights the pieces underneath because of the contrast. Just to emphasize the pairing and layering, I decided to cuff the sleeves. Everything ties together and has its place. That’s a success for me!

White Pants - What!? Oh yes, I chose white pants for winter. I’ve seen a lot of guys opening the door for white pants this season, so I won’t expand too much on that. However, I will say that color is okay no matter the time of year. Before I landed on these pants from Taylrd, I wasn’t sure what color to introduce for the bottom half of this look. Denim could definitely work, but I wanted something more striking. I needed that puzzle piece to click. So, while skimming through the pants in my closet, my eyes landed on these. The white nails it on being striking, but the best part for me has to be the cuff detail. It so neatly ties back to the sweater at the base of this look. I got lucky with this color coordination and ran with it.


The Chelseas - I scooped up these boots from Taft a few years ago, right after I first discovered the brand. The unique color combo immediately attracted me to them. When I paired them with this look, I couldn’t help but enjoy the added diverging colors. Another option could have been to choose shoes that channeled the other shades in this outfit, but I wanted different this time. This was a personal choice and I think these boots anchor the outfit. The pop of red comes as a welcome surprise for me, as it always does with these boots.

This outfit helped push my creativity with each layer, which made pulling it together that much more fun! All the pieces are so different, yet they work well together. I love when it all comes together!

Do you see anything I’m missing here? If you would have changed something, let me know what it would be down below! I want to hear what you liked or didn’t and how you would have made it your own. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

As always, thank you for reading and check back soon for the next outfit breakdown. Head on over to check out my feed to let me know if there are any outfits you specifically want me to break down.


Sharing my threadability and getting inspired by yours,
David Komisarchik