Modern Minimal


I’ve admired minimal style for a while now, mostly through inspiration on Instagram. I like the focus on structure, lines, and each piece while eliminating clutter from an outfit. The highlight of the style for me is curating a closet with higher quality pieces and minimizing waste. It’s definitely not something I have mastered, but I can appreciate it. I fully believe that it’s more important to build a wardrobe with long lasting items rather than filling it edge to edge with miscellaneous stuff and things. When I received these shoes, I was inspired to style a minimal look to show my admiration for it and really highlight the sneakers as well.


The Shoes - I was gifted this pair of Morgen Classic sneakers from Beckett Simonon (check out my discounts page for a little something if you’re interested in exploring them) and they immediately drew me toward styling a minimal outfit around them. I wanted the outfit to echo the colors and structure of the sneakers. I love the white leather and how it’s interrupted by the grey geometric shapes. I knew my outfit was going to play with white and neutral tones to copy the shoes. I wanted my sneakers to draw the eye, which meant keeping high contrast between them and my pants. With such simple and clean design, a whole lot of extras aren’t needed to make these work.


The Pants - I couldn’t fully commit to going with solid black pants. I mean, not do a print? Who would I be without a printed chino? In fact, I already had these chinos from Scotch & Soda in mind when I was pulling this outfit together. I liked the black base combined with the unique print. The neutral colors of the pattern help the consistency of this look. I love how the dots, for lack of knowing what this pattern is formally called, reflect light and add something new without being overpowering.

These were actually my first purchase from Scotch & Soda, making them my gateway pants. I remember first entering the store at my local mall and picking these up. I took a look at these, a look around the store, and knew that I, mostly my wallet, was in trouble. Like I’ve said before, their designs are fresh and always eye catching. I can hardly ever resist! Also, they’re sale is live so I highly recommend checking them out (You’re welcome and I’m sorry).


The Coat - This topcoat has been all over my Instagram feed, but there is a specific reason I chose it for this look. Can you see it? You’re absolutely right. The sole of the sneakers matches the camel topcoat. This happy coincidence made the coat a natural choice. I wanted the top and bottom of this look to connect and this was the perfect way to achieve that. If I’m being honest, a camel topcoat can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s one of those instant style enhancers and is always a good pick.

The Finishing Touches - The white shirt seemed to me like the right option for a minimal look. I went with this white tee from J Crew, which I’ve linked, because I wanted a nicer tee than what usually comes in a standard three-pack. Undershirts are important for your wardrobe too, but this case called for something a bit more refined. I keep this one on a hanger to have it ready for specific occasions when I want to wear it in the forefront of my look.

I lastly decided to add just a little bit of wrist candy. While the watch and bracelets are a bit extra, they still fit with my minimal goal. The silver and black colors as well as the simple their designs made them feel at home here. I think they help complete the look.


So, how do you think I did? If you’ve been following along, you know I love bold colors, prints, and anything that adds visual interest, making this a slight departure for me. I let the sneakers guide the rest of my selections for this outfit and wound up with an outfit I am excited to rock anywhere. Styling around a single item can be difficult, but using the colors and textures of your inspo piece can help you pull the right outfit together.

Sometimes trying something new with your look, especially with clothing you already own, can result in one of your new favorites. This personal style challenge taught me that I can incorporate elements of minimal style into my own looks, which is how I keep growing and evolving. We don’t have to be limited to one fashion lane. Your style should be a reflection of you, your interests and influences.

As always, don’t forget to leave your comments, questions, or any thoughts you might have about this look below! Thank you so much for reading along. I’ll be back with the next one soon!

Sharing my threadability and getting inspired by yours,
David Komisarchik