Statement Piece


What’s the first thing you notice about this outfit? The jacket, duh! It’s a definite statement piece. Styling a loud piece can be challenging and intimidating because choosing complimentary pieces and accessories that will support it isn’t always easy. I think the key to making a jacket like this, or any statement clothing, work is to start thinking about how your going to style it before you even buy it.

The Jacket - This right here is definitely not your average jacket. In fact, because it is so unique, it took me a while to even commit to buying it. My sister could attest to this by just the number of messages that went back and forth between us about it beforehand. While I immediately loved the colors and mix of patterns, I wanted to make sure I could work it into my wardrobe before I clicked “purchase.” This is a practice I always recommend for anyone while shopping. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of pieces that don’t work together or with any other items in your closet. Whether I am online shopping or in the physical store, I try to visualize an outfit coming together with the new clothing I’m considering. Although, sometimes this leads to buying a whole outfit. My wallet isn’t always a big fan of that, but at least I know I am going to get use out of my new pick ups.

I ultimately chose to scoop up the jacket, as I’m sure wasn’t a surprise by now. I made up my mind because first, the colors! There are so many opportunities to be taken with this jacket. I can play with the reds, golds, blues, and black running throughout it. I chose to highlight the red and blue here, but i have also paired it with darker denim and white shirts. I’ve realized that it’s actually way more versatile than I originally thought. Second, when the other pieces aren’t too busy, this jacket serves as a nice cap to an outfit. I know it’s a statement piece, so when I style it, I make sure it doesn’t have to compete with other parts of the look. While there are a lot of prints going on in this one jacket, the structure and color scheme make it work. But don’t get me wrong, a statement piece doesn’t mean I have the luxury of forgetting about the rest of my outfit.


The Sweater/Shirt - I don’t think a white collared shirt under a sweater is ever going to go out of style. Scotch & Soda knows how to design stylish and unique sweaters. I’d be lying if I said most of my sweaters weren’t from there (and this jacket, and this denim, … and this shirt). The color of this sweater is perfect. It plays off the same color that was already in the jacket. The jacket’s red color is highlighted and ties into the sweater, making this pairing cohesive.

I layered the white shirt underneath because I wanted to create a bit more interest and contrast at the neckline. At the same time, the pop of white also ties into the white accents in the jacket. The shirt also helps this outfit stay complete when I’m ready to take the jacket off. Maintaining a complete look is something to keep in mind if you’re planning to layer with jackets. Often times you’ll be taking the top layer off whenever you get to where you are going.


The Boots - This isn’t the first time you’ve seen Taft in my breakdowns or feed, and you know it won’t be the last! These are the Troy Boot in navy (linked above). This shade is subtle, but striking at the same time. I instantly feel stylish when slipping these puppies on. Like the rest of the pieces, the navy ties right back into the jacket. To keep that color connection noticeable, I cuffed my jeans. I also did it to show off the boots, but who wouldn’t?

The Scarf - I don’t normally rock a scarf. Honestly, this is one my dad gave me and it just felt right here for me. It also had some of that nice red color running through it. My main reason for throwing it on, though, was the new layer it created under the jacket. Since this jacket doesn’t have buttons or zippers, I like that the scarf is visible without wrapping it around my neck.

You might also be thinking that the patterns between the scarf and the jacket clash, and you might be right. This was another one of those puzzle pieces that just clicked for me, so I went ahead and kept it with the outfit. Like I’ve said before, if you feel confident in something, give it a try!


I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression, I am a victim of impulse buying just as much as the next guy or girl. I try to combat it by making sure the item in question will fit into my wardrobe. If it is too much, even for me, I will take a step back and at least think about it. If I fall in love with it, like I eventually did with this jacket, I will get creative (which is the fun part!) and make it work.

It’s totally cool to get a second opinion too! My sister has played that role countless times for me. And yes, I return the favor. In the end, if you love it and want to make it work, there is surely a way to do so! You may even come up with an outfit you didn’t expect but are totally proud of. That’s how I feel about this one!

As always, thank you so much for reading. Let me know in the comments how you work statement pieces into your wardrobe. Would you feel confident in a print like this? See you here for the next breakdown!

Sharing my threadability and getting inspired by yours,
David Komisarchik