Varsity Jacket Success


I am a stalker. Wait, wait, don’t leave! I mean that I love to search through my favorite brands’ sites in search of new pieces or to see what’s in their new collections. It’s how I keep up with what they’re doing, how I fall in love with and then stalk the pieces that need to join my closet. Most of the time the items will stay in my cart for days, maybe even weeks, and I will keep coming back to check on them. Don’t tell me you don’t have shopping carts at countless stores just waiting for you to click “purchase.” Sometimes I’m waiting for a sale (a true test of patience) and other times I’m trying to make sure I’m not making an impulse buy. We’ve talked about this before, take the time if you can! Other times, my obsession dissolves and I move on. This is my online shopping process, which kind of sounds stalker-ish, but that’s how I snagged this incredible jacket.

The Jacket - It’s clearly the star of this look. The amazing tweed-looking texture combined with the classic varsity jacket structure hooked me. Truthfully, I saw this jacket online first (yes, it’s from Scotch & Soda. I don’t have a problem, you have a problem.) and my interest was peaked, but I wasn’t sold on it right away. So, into my cart it went to live through the process. It stayed there for at least a month or so, making it one of my longer waiting periods. I got the chance to try it on in store and that’s what sealed the deal. It fit so well. I got even luckier: my waiting paid off with the end of season sale. Out of my cart and into my heart (and closet) it went. My method doesn’t always work. Items and sizes sell out, but I take comfort in the fact that it must not have meant to be and try not to get too hung up. Side note: I definitely went to Scotch & Soda while writing this to get the link and immediately added a few more pieces from their spring collection to my cart. I don’t have a problem, ok?


If you’ve followed me for a while, you know why I picked up this jacket. Aside from fitting so perfectly, the mix of styles is right up my alley. It fuses classic varsity jacket collar and waist details with a super modern pattern and color. Taking inspiration from different types of styles is how I’ve built my wardrobe. Since I was still high on my purchase, I made it the focal point for this look.

Shirt and Pants - I wasn’t planning to do all white at first. When I laid the jacket out I didn’t want it to compete with anything else. The white shirt and pants create intense contrast, which is exactly what I was going for. The key when choosing these items was making sure that the shades of white matched. Just a little difference would be noticeable and throw off this look. It would shift focus from the jacket. Fortunately, this shirt from J Crew and pants from Taylrd are spot on!


Boots - We’ve talked about these ones before, but when they look this good, I’m going to where them as much as I can. I could have gone with a white sneaker and kept the theme going. I wanted the eye to travel between the boots and the jacket. They’re connected by the red and both add a lot of visual interest. If I let the shoes blend in, there wouldn’t be an anchor to the outfit. The outfit is book-ended by the boots and jacket, making it feel complete. Remember, this is just my own preference. I’d love to see how you would make this your own!


Let’s agree to agree that my stalk shopping worked out well this time. I landed a piece that I had my eye on for a while and scored even bigger with a sale. I and my wallet are happy. Well, at least my wallet was less mad.

The best part is that I know that I’ll be able to use this jacket in a lot of ways because of its combination of styles. I went more modern here, but I could definitely play to the classic side with some blue or black denim. I’m sure you’ll see it pop up on my feed a few more times.

This breakdown was your selection from my IG feed. I love finding out which of my outfits are your favorites. Getting your feedback and questions is why I created this blog and started writing these breakdowns. Thank you for sticking with me week after week!

I’ll see you here next time!

Sharing my threadability and getting inspired by yours,
David Komisarchik