Men’s Style: Modern, Traditional, Rugged, Touch of Street


I’ve been asked how I describe my style and it used to be hard to put into words. I feel like I know my style, but I struggled with a name. After weeks of deliberating, this is what I came up with: Modern, Traditional, Rugged and a Touch of Street. I believe it wraps into one style:

Modern Gentleman Style

It’s all me, but it depends what I am feeling. Some days, I like the modern, simple lines as well as bold patterns (especially floral ones). Some days, I like traditional pieces that keep their style regardless of the hottest trends. Other days, I like to add a bit of ruggedness with boots or industrial-looking pieces or full on limitless street style.

No Rules in Men’s Style

My favorite days are the ones where I can pull from all three categories. The truth is, I don’t always fit under one umbrella of style and I don’t plan on changing that. There are no real rules to expressing yourself through menswear style. My style is an expression of my mood and what I find interesting at that time. You will see it evolve, but for now, this is where I’ve landed.