Nice to Meet You!


Construction is my day job.

But as you could imagine, it doesn’t necessarily provide the opportunity to express my style creativity. I started @threadability at a time where I needed a creative outlet and consider myself lucky to be able to share something I enjoy so much.

For as long as I remember, I have paid attention to the menswear and style, which led me to always put my best foot forward when it came to my own style (that foot always being in a kick-ass shoe). Getting to play with all the pieces now to create outfits to wear and share is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do.

Detail and design motivate me.

Figuring out what pieces in my closet fit together based on color, texture, and pattern is a puzzle that consistently excites me. That could be a little bit of the Type A side of me. Forcing myself to think outside the box develops my style and allows me to finish a new puzzle, which ultimately gives me the creative satisfaction I crave.


There is a bit of vulnerability that comes along with sharing my interests and style with the world, so it took me a while to muster up the confidence to start @threadability.

I finally took the plunge in March of 2018!

While there are days I am nervous to share my outfits and see what people think, it is the countless number of amazing people who are like-minded and have thoughtful questions about my style that never ceases to amaze me. I was and continue to be humbled and awestruck by the overall support of this style community. I am finding that this connection motivates me as well. Getting to chat and work with all these new people and brands across my state, the country and the world is unbelievably exciting. These connections truly motivate me and push me to continue to create new and unique content.

OutFit Breakdowns - Thought Process - How-To’s

On this blog, I’ll be breaking down some of my favorite outfits, explaining the detail I look for in pieces when I put them together, and providing helpful menswear how-to’s to help you style yourself. Take a look around and stay a while. Most importantly, please reach out with comments, questions, inquiries, or just to chat!

Thank you and Cheers!

David Komisarchik